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The Remix Edict

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When fair Wyrmlands did quiver 'neath the sky,
The hit album, "The Worm", did tales of yore decry.
Grunter Rebels sang, with fervent might,
Of Henry Spychalski, a knight oh so bright.

In the vast expanse below where shadows blend and meld,
Spychalski, with sword and shield, himself beheld.
A worm, vast and looming, in the pale moonlight,
Was it foe or spectre? A challenge to his knightly right.

Princefs Moonbug, trapped, did await her fate,
Whilst the Worm, a foil of inner shame,
Did coil and wriggle, its hunger unsated,
For Henry it yearned, by darkness created.

Yet, in this new age, to the beats we're tethered!,
For artists do gather, their talents brought hither.
To remix, to transform, "The Worm" to new song,
A competition fierce, where the skilled belong.

"Bring forth," we cry, "your mix and your muse,
Let the tracks of old, new energy infuse."
From vinyl to digital, the melodies did twist,
Each artist's touch, like a lover's tryst.

But amidst the beats, and the bass that thunders,
The truth of the tale, in hearts, it wonders.
For the Worm, though vanquished, in us resides,
A shadow self, from which one can't hide.

So in jubilation, and with heady elation,

The competition's end saw a grand ovation.
Yet, beyond the sound and the shimmering light,
Lies the eternal battle, of the deathly night.

Let Grunter's tale, in remix be spun,
A reminder of battles, both lost and won.
For in every heart, the worm does creep,
And only in truth, can we hope to keep.

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Please note that you are only allowed to use the above stems for the purpose of remixing these tracks. Due to copyrights, HMLTD and Lucky Number cannot give you permission to commercially release any new track that contains these stems.

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